Pack Mentality


Pack Mentality

Because of a recent experience, I’ve understood how the “animal nature” of unevolved persons has gathered them together and ripped apart one who they deam “weak”. That’s what animals do. They weed out “the weak” or who they consider sick or distastful in some way. I do believe to “agree to disagree”, simply because that has to happen for us to grow. Think of all the things we wouldn’t have today if someone hadn’t said “hey, you might not think that I can get the room to light up without fire, and let me show you how”. But see…there’s people who still like the way fire lights a room. They enjoy the soft shadows and the atmosphere it provides. Are the people who still like fire wrong? No, they just prefer the lighting that fire gives better. No harm, no foul. Live and let live. Don’t judge.


Losing Their Youth


…and kids these days are missing it. The creativity, thought process, devising a situation from whatever you had handy. I remember when I was little and was playing under the house (this was one of those older homes in Fl on huge bricks and the space underneath was about 3 feet tall)…my cousin and I would make a city in the dirt…cars, buildings, everything. But, we had to do it quick! My Mom’s washing machine would run water out onto the ground some feet away…the whole point was to set up the city and watch the “flood” come through and take out the city. It took timing, and physical science (though we didn’t know that was what we were doing) to build up dirt….and lower the city level so that the water would run down into the city. We also played “Detective”…taking Mom’s metal thread bobbins because they looked like film strips to us (this was the early 70’s btw), and burying them under the house to find later in our quest for “who dun’ it”.


  I miss those days. The red hibiscus that grew along the whole side of the house. The HUGE grasshoppers that developed on them every year…and the giant silk moths that did the same. I had a tree in the back yard that was crooked enough to be my horse, with a place to sit and ride anywhere I wanted. There were lacey, delicate ferns with little green berries that grew along a fence, where I played like I was surviving in the woods. It was magical…esp when one day (accidently) a penny hit me on top of my head and fell to the ground. All of a sudden, pennies were coming from the sky, falling everywhere. I went in to tell my Mom and she gave me a jar to put hem in. I raced back outside, so excited that it was “raining money”. It was until I was an adult that I found out my Dad and his friend were upstairs pitching pennies out the window:)

  Magical. Thought provoking. Problem solving. Kids are missing that now, with their eyes mesmerized by a video game. Make your kids go outside to play! Let their minds wander and dream ❤

My Personal Journey With Animal Rescue


I’ve been looking for some recurring way I can help in animal rescue, and I think I’ve found it ❤ I wish I could help those who have helped me directly at certain points with my babies, but I hope this will add some help to the whole of animal rescue:) I am now fostering kittens that don’t have a Momma to feed them, so they need to be hand fed until they can eat regular food on their own ❤ This is my first puddle of pusses 🙂 I hope this will also be therapy for me as well 🙂 I am so happy being able to do this! I can’t tell you how much I love doing this despite the waking hours, the mess (omg, do you know how much a Momma cat does to keep them clean??). Love for these little orphans makes it all worth it ❤ The very hardest thing will be giving them back to the shelter for adoption. If you live in the Western NC area, these little angels will be available for adoption in about 4 or 5 weeks at Valley River Humane Society ❤ I am not looking for “kudos”…I just wanted to share how excited and happy I am to be doing this!

Sounds Like a Broken Record? “Unplug” It Then!

communication pie graph 1



  Social Media has complicated our way of communication. (I would go as far as to say “ruined”, but I’m a little intense). Many of us can remember a time before computers and cell phones. We’ve gotten so used to technology, we’ve forgotten the human element. And for those who grew up after cells and computers, it might be a little harder to understand, but you can see the difference if you really think about it. If you take a look at the graph, it shows what makes up successful human communication (on a regular basis). You can see how today’s way of communicating has had a whopping 93% of successful communication taken away. Incredible isn’t it? We have to take this into consideration, especially when we disagree on something. Are there 3 pieces of wood or 4? As with many disagreements between two people, it’s actually both, isn’t it? Unfortunately, if we argue in our most common communication platforms, we can’t walk around the pieces of wood and show how one sees 3, or one sees 4. We don’t hear the tone in someone’s voice when someone says “no, I think you are incorrect”. We unfortunately take anything that seems negative and ascribe a negative tone to it. Who wants to be “wrong”? No one does, but behind a keyboard, it’s much easier to get angry and defensive.

  When you communicate through only words, try to use emojis and explain yourself more fully. We can head off miscommunication, hurt feelings, and have more understanding with each other that way. We need that in our world more than ever now. Better yet, unplug yourself from the “machine” once in a while…or more often than you are plugged in…

Slow Your Roll


Sometimes, in this “git-er-dun” world, we look at things too quickly and move on. Sometimes we really need to slow down and pay more attention to what is happening in our lives, or we may miss something special. “Slow your roll”, pace yourself instead of piling it all on. You’ll feel more accomplished when you look at that to-do list and there aren’t three or four things you didn’t get to do. Make a smaller list. Don’t make yourself so busy that you miss the sweetest things…

“The impossible is often the untried.” Jim Goodwin


“The impossible is often the untried.”
Jim Goodwin

Sometimes we look at a situation, task, or project and immediately say “That’s impossible!” For whatever reason, whether it’s fatigue, pain, being overwhelmed already, stress…we set ourselves up for failure from the get go.

Oh, those reasons are definitely valid at times, and maybe we can’t deal with that situation, task or project right then and there, but don’t write it off so quickly! Another wonderful quote by Doe Zantamata is: “We believe what we tell ourselves.” Therefore, if we, without thought or contemplation, look at something and immediately say “I can’t”…well, you can’t.

Alternatively, we can realize we are human, and sometimes we have to take a step back and instead say “I don’t know if I can address this to the best of my ability right now, but I know I can later.”

It’s all a state of mind. Now, Jim Goodwin did not mean that one should go to the top of a building and jump off, trying to fly. He means that we should not overlook amazing possibilities just because at first glance, something “looks” impossible. Tell yourself…”Ok, I’m overwhelmed right now, but I’ll be better later, then I can take a stab at it…bet I can do it, bet I can!’

This especially applies to people like us, with families a home business, and a huge daily list of “To-dos” that maybe, honestly, could be cut in half and have the same sense of accomplishment. It’s hard, I know, to be positive all the time, and that’s my point. Give yourself time to decompress, cry, be angry. Go outside with a bat and beat the h*** out of a patch of weeds that you’ve been meaning to pull. But don’t tell yourself immediately when you are presented with a difficult thing that “I can’t”.

You CAN do it. Just make sure no one is around you when you’re wielding that bat like Pete Rose…

My Little Animal Friends :)


  These are the little animals I was talking about on FB. I have over 85 different animals! I make the into necklaces, earrings and rear view mirror charms, along with custom orders for different things. My favorite so far was a necklace that the customer mixed different beads through the hemp and five of her Totem Animals. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of it, but she adored it! I do have an Etsy shop, but I’m getting a little frustrated with them, so for a lesser price, I’d like to offer them here. On Etsy they are 6.99 each animal, and 12.99 for earrings. If you get them from me direct, They are $4 each animal and $10 for earrings, plus shipping (which is 2.50 for up to 4 animals.

  If you have a specific animal you feel close to or just love, please ask me and I can send you a picture. Right now, I use paypal for processing. My email address for contacting me and paypal is

  I am also an Animal Rights Advocate, and sell many animals to pet owners with a percentage of the proceeds going to certain rescue organizations. I haven’t found mixed breed dogs, but I do have Shepherds, Doxies, Black labs, Pugs, and Boxers. I also have white and orange kitties.

  I believe in Totem ad Spirit Animals, so if you happen to have an affinity with Wolf, Bear, Hawk, Turtle, Big Cats and so many others, I’ve got you covered!

  When I’m not writing, this is my other passion. I also make regular jewelry, but I absolutely adore my animals!

  I’d like to add that you can choose the cord and bead color you’d like for the animals! They should be YOURS, made to your specifications. OH…and I didn’t mention…I have many animals that are high school or college mascots…what a unique gift for yourself or someone who has ultimate school spirit!

  I look forward to working with you on your special animal. Contact me soon!

I Miss Mayberry…


  Recently, while watching the Andy Griffith Show, something happened on an episode that made me wonder-why do people these days crave drama? Why aren’t people’s feelings important? Sometimes, not telling someone the whole story is appropriate, if for no other reason, to save them from hurt feelings.

 The episode was pretty simple, as most of them are, but held a lesson that I think society has forgotten. Aunt Bea was visited by a man she knew back in her younger days, and Andy figured out that the man was wanting to marry her simply because he had no money and wanted a comfy life. Andy made this man aware that he knew what he was up to…and pretty much made him leave. Andy did not tell Aunt Bea the whole situation because he didn’t want her to have hurt feelings. she, thank goodness, took it well and had decided she wasn’t going to marry him anyway, but the point is…Andy didn’t run and tell Bea what the man was up to, so that she wouldn’t be hurt.

  So many different situations happen out there, and sometimes we do need to make someone aware of a situation…then again, sometimes nothing needs saying because the person we’re trying to protect has it under control.

  Before running off and spouting “OMG do you know WHAT he did???” or “You won’t BELIEVE what she said about YOU!” think about whether it’s truly necessary. Think about whether the person really needs to hear it…

  …or whether it’s just that your life is so boring, you’re trying to create “excitement”.


The Mystery of What’s at the Bottom of Woman’s Purse…


So, we’ve all contemplated the mystery of what’s in the bottom of a woman’s purse. (Yes, even we women sometimes don’t know). Having said that, and having just cleaned out the scary Bag-O’-Stuff….I scooped out a large thing that looked like one of those old pieces of unwrapped chocolate…to my horror…it was NOT chocolate. Now, I’m not afraid of bugs…in fact, this particular beetle is quite entertaining to watch…when it’s ALIVE. Not in pieces at the bottom of my purse. Worse yet, the damn thing had to be alive at one point. Imagine sticking your hand into your purse and accidently getting pinched! I cannot think of where I’ve been that this poor beetle thought the dark depths of my purse would be a nice place to visit, but it unfortunately meant certain death. This concludes my synopsis of “What is the weirdest thing you have in your purse?” Afternote: The condition of all the pieces of this unfortunate beetle show that she was not crushed while alive…she is in pieces only after having died and stirred around in my purse (yeeeech) so thanks be to the Gods for no bug guts….(YEEEECH x100).

Pondering “To Thine Own Self Be True”


“Sometimes I sits and thinks…” – Winnie the Pooh

Most have no need to have ever read Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” to understand this time-honored quote. For those that have, we know that it is, at least on the surface, a dying father’s (Polonius) advice to his son (Laertes). In modern day understanding, without the benefit of the context of the quote, it has simply become something that frees a person to “be who they are”.

It has long been a recurring theme in society. Take Gary Larson’s cartoon that pictures hundreds of penguins and in the middle of them all, one penguin with its “wings” spread out sings “I gotta’ be me, I just gotta’ be me!” On the internet, you’ll find hundreds of thousands of “Be Yourself” quotes and memes. It has been made to be so important to be yourself, to go against the grain, to not conform.

Especially for young people, this is highly important. We were all taught to “be the best me we can be”. This brings up several points, in my opinion. Many times this idea has brought people to conceit, pompousness, and greediness. So concerned with “me”, “we” falls by the wayside and is ignored. Also, in our race to be “ourselves” and different from everyone else, isn’t that, in essence, conforming? Conforming to non-conformity? Finally, and to me, most importantly, is marching to the beat of our own drum all that can be gleaned from “To Thine Own Self Be True?”

Take the full quote, again, on the surface, “This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man,” I pondered this for a long time yesterday, having seen in the quote something to be considered. What if we took this idea as a complete act of introspection? Not just “how I’m different to everyone else”, but “what things about me have need of change?” What ideals of mine should I improve upon?”

“To Thine Own Self Be True”. Can you admit you are sometimes unnecessarily irritable? Can you see that sometimes, you may rush to judgment? Can you accept the fact that sometimes your words are not tempered with understanding? Are you able to cast your eyes within yourself and own your shortcomings? Too often, we don’t consider these things. No one wants to admit they are wrong, or, we have a reason for our actions to validate them. Do you lie? Of course, everyone lies at some point. But is it always for the purpose of getting out of something, or deflecting a wrong doing? Do you cheat? Do you give yourself the reason “I deserve this anyway” to not think about the guilt?

If you can take this quote to literal sense, you’ll find that being true to yourself not only means “being you”, but also, accepting what you may not like about yourself, once you realize what those things are. Psychologically, it’s a known fact that the things we don’t like in others are often things we do ourselves. Why not look at our character often, and seek to improve those things that could stand a little (or a lot) of tweaking?

Being selfless is what we need more of in our society. The balance has been tipped heavily to the opposite. At the same time, we do need to look at ourselves, in the search to admit and own our shortcomings, and have the desire to improve. Don’t let yourself come to a point in your life where another quote from this same play comes forth from your lips:

“I am justly killed with mine own treachery.”- Laertes